Pumpkin MCU API

API for interacting with all Pumpkin SupMCUs.

See Pumpkin SUPERNOVA Firmware Reference Manual Rev 3.28

class mcu_api.MCU(address)

Bases: object

read_telemetry(module, fields=['all'])

Read and parse specific fields from the MCUs that are contained in the config file.

Input: module = string module name. Must exactly match the module name in the config file and the I2C address must be valid and non-zero. If address is 0, it assumes the module is not present/not configured. fields = list of strings, strings must exactly match fields in the config file listed in the “telemetry” section under “supervisor” or the specific module name. If field is left blank it defaults to [“all”], which pulls all available telemetry for that module.

Output: A dict with keys for all fields requested with “timestamp” and “data” keys for each field.


Write command used to append the proper stopbyte to all writes.