Kubos Libraries

Kubos provides the following libraries to assist with core functionality:

  • Applications API - Simplifies the process of setting up a mission application

  • Kubos Service Library - Provides a base framework for KubOS services

  • Kubos System - Provides helper functions for things like reading configuration files and setting U-Boot environment variables

  • Communications Service Framework - Provides a base framework to assist with implementing the system’s communications service

  • File Protocol - Used by the file service in order to process simultaneous, asynchronous file transfer requests

  • Shell Protocol - Used by the shell service in order to handle simultaneous, asynchronous remote shell connections

  • CBOR Protocol - Constructs and processes the CBOR packets which are used for sending data to and from the file and shell services

  • Channel Protocol - Sends and receives CBOR packets for the file and shell services, maintaining ownership and separation between simultaneous client connections