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The KubOS platform provides satellite developers the tools and libraries necessary to quickly bring up space-ready software. We leverage multiple existing open source projects, along with our own custom framework and SDK.

Just looking for an explanation of what KubOS is? Check out our design guide for an overview of how KubOS works and what it provides, and check out our ecosystem docs for a deeper explanation of each component:

Want to get started with development? Follow our Getting Started guide to get your development environment set up and then check out our tutorials or try your own project:

Trying to start developing your mission with KubOS? Check out our mission development overview:

Having issues? Check out our FAQs for your issue, or create a new issue on the repo to let us know.

Want a new feature? Create a feature request!

Just want to say hello? Come talk to us! If for some reason Slack won’t work for you, feel free to email us at info@kubos.com.

Supported OBCs

Vendor Description
Pumpkin Pumpkin Motherboard Module 2
Beaglebone Beaglebone Black, Rev. C

Supported Hardware Devices

KubOS supports a selection of hardware devices in varying capacities.

Some devices have an additional hardware service which can be built into KubOS and provides a long-running process which allows easy, streamlined communication with the device.

All supported devices have a device API which may be used.

Vendor Device Service
Adcole Maryland Aerospace MAI-400 Yes
Clyde Space STARBUCK-NANO (formerly 3G EPS) Yes
GOMspace NanoPower P31u No
ISIS Antenna System Yes
ISIS OBC Supervisor Yes
NovAtel OEM6 GNSS Receivers Yes
NearSpace Launch EyeStar-D2 Duplex Radio Yes
Pumpkin All Pumpkin MCUs Yes

Contributing to KubOS

Want to get your code into space? Become a KubOS contributor and you will! We welcome community developers, and are always looking for new people to collaborate with us. Join us on Slack or visit our GitHub Issues page to participate in discussion of features or bugs, see what you can work on, and to give feedback.

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