Kubos SDK Docs

While the majority of KubOS development can be done locally on a host machine, we also provide a standalone SDK which can be used to assist with the development process.

The “Kubos SDK” is a term used to describe all of the components used to build KubOS projects:

  • Vagrant box - The VM that contains the “ready to run” Kubos development environment
  • Kubos source modules - The underlying libraries on which KubOS projects are built

Internally, we use this SDK in order to build KubOS releases and to host our CI tests.

Externally, the SDK is most useful for:

  • Windows users
  • Users who do not want to muddle their host systems with all of the dependencies required to build and execute KubOS projects
  • Users who want to build a custom KubOS image

left to right direction

actor User

node "Kubos SDK" as sdk{
    () "init" as init
    folder "kubos-proj" as proj {
        folder source {
        () "build" as build
    folder "Kubos Source" as k_source {

() "transfer" as flash

node "OBC - Kubos Linux" {
    cloud "kubos-proj" as application
    cloud "App1"
    cloud "App2"

User -> sdk : vagrant ssh
init -> proj
k_source -> build
build <- source
[binary] <- build
[binary] -> flash
flash -> application


This documentation section contains the various guides related to using the Kubos SDK: