[][src]Struct mai400_api::StandardTelemetry

pub struct StandardTelemetry {
    pub tlm_counter: u8,
    pub gps_time: u32,
    pub time_subsec: u8,
    pub cmd_valid_cntr: u16,
    pub cmd_invalid_cntr: u16,
    pub cmd_invalid_chksum_cntr: u16,
    pub last_command: u8,
    pub acs_mode: u8,
    pub css: [u16; 6],
    pub eclipse_flag: u8,
    pub sun_vec_b: [i16; 3],
    pub i_b_field_meas: [i16; 3],
    pub bd: [f32; 3],
    pub rws_speed_cmd: [i16; 3],
    pub rws_speed_tach: [i16; 3],
    pub rwa_torque_cmd: [f32; 3],
    pub gc_rwa_torque_cmd: [i8; 3],
    pub torque_coil_cmd: [f32; 3],
    pub gc_torque_coil_cmd: [i8; 3],
    pub qbo_cmd: [i16; 4],
    pub qbo_hat: [i16; 4],
    pub angle_to_go: f32,
    pub q_error: [i16; 4],
    pub omega_b: [f32; 3],
    pub rotating_variable_a: u32,
    pub rotating_variable_b: u32,
    pub rotating_variable_c: u32,
    pub nb: [i16; 3],
    pub neci: [i16; 3],

Standard telemetry packet sent by the MAI-400 every 250ms


tlm_counter: u8

Rotating variable indicator

gps_time: u32

UTC Time in Seconds

time_subsec: u8

4 Hz Subsecond counter

cmd_valid_cntr: u16

Valid Command Counter

cmd_invalid_cntr: u16

Invalid Command Counter. Number of commands which did not pass command verification.

cmd_invalid_chksum_cntr: u16

Invalid Command CRC Counter. Number of command messages received with invalid checksums

last_command: u8

Last valid CCT command received

acs_mode: u8

Commanded ACS Mode

css: [u16; 6]

Raw sun sensor outputs

eclipse_flag: u8

Whether the device is eclipsed or not

sun_vec_b: [i16; 3]

Unit Sun Vector in Body Frame

i_b_field_meas: [i16; 3]

Magnetometer Reading (inc. bias and gain)

bd: [f32; 3]

Rate of Change of Magnetic field Vector in Body Frame

rws_speed_cmd: [i16; 3]

RWS Commanded Wheel Speed, lsb: 1 RPM

rws_speed_tach: [i16; 3]

RWS Wheel Speeds, lsb: 1 RPM

rwa_torque_cmd: [f32; 3]

Commanded Wheel Torque computed by ADACS (mNm)

gc_rwa_torque_cmd: [i8; 3]

RWS Torque Command to wheel

torque_coil_cmd: [f32; 3]

Torque Coil Command computed by ADACS (Am2)

gc_torque_coil_cmd: [i8; 3]

Torque Coil Command (lsb)

qbo_cmd: [i16; 4]

Commanded orbit-to-body quaternion

qbo_hat: [i16; 4]

Current Estimated Orbit-to-Body Quaternion

angle_to_go: f32

Angle to Go in radians

q_error: [i16; 4]

Error between command and estimate Qbo

omega_b: [f32; 3]

Body rate in body frame (rad/sec).

rotating_variable_a: u32

Rotating variable A. Use RotatingTelemetry struct if interaction is needed

rotating_variable_b: u32

Rotating variable B. Use RotatingTelemetry struct if interaction is needed

rotating_variable_c: u32

Rotating variable C. Use RotatingTelemetry struct if interaction is needed

nb: [i16; 3]

Nadir vectors in Body

neci: [i16; 3]

Nadir vectors in ECI frame


impl StandardTelemetry[src]

pub fn new(msg: Vec<u8>) -> Option<Self>[src]

Constructor. Converts a raw data array received from the MAI-400 into a usable structure

Trait Implementations

impl Default for StandardTelemetry[src]

impl Clone for StandardTelemetry[src]

impl PartialEq<StandardTelemetry> for StandardTelemetry[src]

impl Debug for StandardTelemetry[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for StandardTelemetry

impl Unpin for StandardTelemetry

impl Sync for StandardTelemetry

impl UnwindSafe for StandardTelemetry

impl RefUnwindSafe for StandardTelemetry

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