[][src]Struct mai400_api::RawIMU

pub struct RawIMU {
    pub accel: [i16; 3],
    pub gyro: [i16; 3],
    pub gyro_temp: u8,

Raw accelerometer and gyroscope data


accel: [i16; 3]

Accelerometer (X, Y, Z) (3.9 mg/lsb)

gyro: [i16; 3]

Gyroscope (X, Y, Z) (8.75 mdps/lsb)

gyro_temp: u8

Gyroscope temperature (-1C/lsb)


impl RawIMU[src]

pub fn new(msg: Vec<u8>) -> Option<Self>[src]

Constructor. Converts a raw data array received from the MAI-400 into a usable structure

Trait Implementations

impl Default for RawIMU[src]

impl Clone for RawIMU[src]

impl PartialEq<RawIMU> for RawIMU[src]

impl Debug for RawIMU[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for RawIMU

impl Unpin for RawIMU

impl Sync for RawIMU

impl UnwindSafe for RawIMU

impl RefUnwindSafe for RawIMU

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