KubOS for the Pumpkin MBM2

Reference Documents

Pumpkin MBM2 Product Page

The CubeSat Kit Motherboard Module (MBM) 2 reference document is available from Pumpkin and is a useful document for learning what each of the hardware components are and how they are connected.

Debug Connection

The Pumpkin MBM2 should be shipped with a USB Debug Adapter board.

The white connection cable should be plugged into the labeled “UART0” port on the edge of the board, with the exposed pins facing up.

The USB cable can then be plugged into your computer. Any required drivers should be automatically installed.

This connection will be passed through to a Kubos Vagrant image as /dev/FTDI and will be used for the serial console.

Ethernet Connection

Please refer to our ethernet overview for help setting up an SSH connection over ethernet.


By default, KubOS exposes the following peripheral components:

  • Ethernet
  • 1 real-time clock (RTC)
  • 1 I2C bus
  • 5 UART buses
  • 7 ADC pins
  • 6 GPIO pins

More information about these peripheral devices can be found in the Working with the Pumpkin MBM2 doc.