The Cubesat Space Protocol library is structured as shown in the following table:

Folder Description
libcsp/include/csp Main include files
libcsp/include/csp/arch Architecture include files
libcsp/include/csp/interfaces Interface include files
libcsp/include/csp/drivers Drivers include files
libcsp/src Main modules for CSP: io, router, connections, services
libcsp/src/interfaces Interface modules for CAN, I2C, KISS, LOOP and ZMQHUB
libcsp/src/drivers/can Driver for CAN
libcsp/src/drivers/usart Driver for USART
libcsp/src/arch/freertos FreeRTOS architecture module
libcsp/src/arch/macosx Mac OS X architecture module
libcsp/src/arch/posix Posix architecture module
libcsp/src/arch/windows Windows architecture module
libcsp/src/rtable Routing table module
libcsp/transport Transport module, UDP and RDP
libcsp/crypto Crypto module
libcsp/utils Utilities
libcsp/bindings/python Python wrapper for libcsp
libcsp/examples CSP examples (source code)
libasf/doc The doc folder contains the source code for this documentation