[][src]Struct novatel_oem6_service::IntegrationTestResults

pub struct IntegrationTestResults {
    pub errors: String,
    pub success: bool,
    pub telemetry_debug: Option<VersionInfo>,
    pub telemetry_nominal: TelemetryNominal,

Response fields for 'testHardware(test: INTEGRATION)' mutation


errors: String

Any errors encountered by the request

success: bool

Request completion success or failure

telemetry_debug: Option<VersionInfo>

Nominal telemetry

telemetry_nominal: TelemetryNominal

Debug telemetry

Trait Implementations

impl<__S> GraphQLType<__S> for IntegrationTestResults where
    __S: ScalarValue,
    &'__b __S: ScalarRefValue<'__b>, 

type Context = ()

The expected context type for this GraphQL type Read more

type TypeInfo = ()

Type that may carry additional schema information Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for IntegrationTestResults

impl Unpin for IntegrationTestResults

impl Sync for IntegrationTestResults

impl UnwindSafe for IntegrationTestResults

impl RefUnwindSafe for IntegrationTestResults

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