[][src]Struct clyde_3g_eps_service::models::subsystem::Subsystem

pub struct Subsystem {
    pub eps: Arc<Mutex<Box<dyn Clyde3gEps + Send>>>,
    pub last_mutation: Arc<RwLock<Mutations>>,
    pub errors: Arc<RwLock<Vec<String>>>,
    pub watchdog_handle: Arc<Mutex<JoinHandle<()>>>,
    pub checksum: Arc<Mutex<Checksum>>,

Main structure for controlling and accessing system resources


eps: Arc<Mutex<Box<dyn Clyde3gEps + Send>>>

Underlying EPS object

last_mutation: Arc<RwLock<Mutations>>

Last mutation executed

errors: Arc<RwLock<Vec<String>>>

Errors accumulated over all queries and mutations

watchdog_handle: Arc<Mutex<JoinHandle<()>>>

Watchdog kicking thread handle

checksum: Arc<Mutex<Checksum>>

Last known checksum of EPS ROM


impl Subsystem[src]

pub fn new(eps: Box<dyn Clyde3gEps + Send>) -> EpsResult<Self>[src]

Create a new subsystem instance for the service to use

pub fn from_path(bus: &str) -> EpsResult<Self>[src]

Create the underlying EPS object and then create a new subsystem which will use it

pub fn get_motherboard_telemetry(&self, telem_type: Type) -> Result<f64, String>[src]

Get the requested telemetry item from the motherboard

pub fn get_daughterboard_telemetry(
    telem_type: Type
) -> Result<f64, String>

Get the requested telemetry item from the daughterboard

pub fn get_reset_telemetry(&self, telem_type: Type) -> Result<Data, String>[src]

Get the specific type of reset counts

pub fn get_comms_watchdog_period(&self) -> Result<u8, String>[src]

Get the current watchdog period setting

pub fn get_version(&self) -> Result<VersionData, String>[src]

Get the system version information

pub fn get_board_status(&self) -> Result<BoardData, String>[src]

Get the current board status

pub fn get_last_eps_error(&self) -> Result<ErrorData, String>[src]

Get the last error the EPS encountered

pub fn get_power(&self) -> Result<GetPowerResponse, String>[src]

Get the current power state of the EPS

pub fn manual_reset(&self) -> Result<MutationResponse, String>[src]

Trigger a manual reset of the EPS

pub fn reset_watchdog(&self) -> Result<MutationResponse, String>[src]

Kick the I2C watchdog

pub fn set_watchdog_period(
    period: u8
) -> Result<MutationResponse, String>

Set the I2C watchdog timeout period

pub fn raw_command(
    command: u8,
    data: Vec<u8>
) -> Result<MutationResponse, String>

Pass raw command values through to the EPS

pub fn test_hardware(&self) -> Result<MutationResponse, String>[src]

Run hardware tests to check system health

pub fn set_last_mutation(&self, mutation: Mutations)[src]

Record the last mutation executed by the service

pub fn get_errors(&self) -> EpsResult<Vec<String>>[src]

Fetch all errors since the last time this function was called, then clear the errors storage

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Subsystem[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Subsystem

impl Unpin for Subsystem

impl Sync for Subsystem

impl UnwindSafe for Subsystem

impl RefUnwindSafe for Subsystem

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