[][src]Enum clyde_3g_eps_api::ResetTelemetry::Type

pub enum Type {

Reset Telemetry Variants

Each of these reset telemetry commands may return two bytes or four bytes, depending on whether or not a daughterboard exists. The first two bytes will always represent the motherboard, the second two will represent the daughterboard. All counters roll over at 255 to 0.



Get Number of Brown-out Resets


Get Number of Automatic Software Resets If the on-board microcontroller has experienced a malfunction, such as being stuck in a loop, it will reset itself into a pre-defined initial state.


Get Number of Manual Resets This is the count of the number of times the device has been manually reset using the Reset command.


Get Number of Communications Watchdog Resets The device will reset itself if it does not receive any data via i2c for a predefined length of time. The communications node keeps a count of the number of times such an event has taken place.

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