[][src]Enum mai400_api::MAIError

pub enum MAIError {
    UnknownMessage {
        id: u16,
    UartError {
        cause: UartError,

Common Error for MAI Actions



Catch-all error


The thread reading messages from the device is no longer working


Received a valid message, but the message ID doesn't match any known message type

Fields of UnknownMessage

id: u16

ID of message received


An error was thrown by the serial communication driver

Fields of UartError

cause: UartError

The underlying error

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for MAIError[src]

impl PartialEq<MAIError> for MAIError[src]

impl From<UartError> for MAIError[src]

impl Debug for MAIError[src]

impl Display for MAIError[src]

impl Fail for MAIError[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for MAIError

impl Unpin for MAIError

impl Sync for MAIError

impl UnwindSafe for MAIError

impl RefUnwindSafe for MAIError

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