Kubos Changelog

v1.9.0 - Dec 6th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • File transfer client now returns error when it fails to communicate with the file service
  • Updated all Kubos services’ GraphQL responses to follow the official response spec

v1.8.0 - Nov 9th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Updating telemetry database API to use a double to store the timestamp, rather than a 32-bit integer

Community Contributions:

  • Updated link descriptions for Kubos Linux release files

v1.7.0 - Oct 12th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the Python app API to accept an empty string in the ‘errors’ field of GraphQL responses
  • Updated the file transfer service to not exit if an invalid data packet is received
  • Updated the file transfer service’s log location

v1.5.0 - Sep 7th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Standardized usage of the Rust failure crate for version 0.1.2

v1.0.1 - Aug 4 2017

  • Adding support for Beaglebone Black
  • Adding support for Pumpkin MBM2
  • Adding Windows Dev Environment guide

v1.0.0 - June 27 2017

  • KUBOS-442 Added support for iOBC I2C bus
  • KUBOS-445 Integrated iOBC supervisor
  • KUBOS-274 Completed Kubos Telemetry integration into KubOS Linux
  • KUBOS-487 Added support for tab-completion to Kubos CLI
  • Created an initial QA integration test suite
  • Migrated from Markdown to ReStructuredText as the documentation language of choice
  • Migrated from only Doxygen to Sphinx and Doxygen as the documentation generation tools of choice
  • Massively improved documentation basically everywhere
  • Polished everything to a shiny gleam

v0.2.2 - April 7 2017

  • KUBOS-350 Added multi-process communication support to telemetry library
  • KUBOS-283 Created a background telemetry management service
  • KUBOS-391 Created a background C&C service
  • KUBOS-409 Added logging to C&C
  • KUBOS-376 Added C&C ‘build info’ command
  • KUBOS-372 Added C&C ‘reboot’ command
  • KUBOS-338 Added KubOS Linux kernel rollback and recovery
  • KUBOS-340 Added init script generation and flashing for KubOS Linux projects

v0.2.1 - Mar 7 2017

  • KUBOS-388 Created initial Command & Control framework
  • KUBOS-350 Added support for inter-process communication between Kubos services
  • KUBOS-313 Updated Kubos SDK to allow flashing of non-application files to iOBC
  • KUBOS-321 Added ability to flash and install new KubOS Linux upgrade packages
  • KUBOS-360 Added Kubos CLI integration testing
  • KUBOS-363 Fixed Kubos CLI error reporting

v0.2 - Feb 3 2017

  • Created KubOS Linux
  • Major documentation updates
  • KUBOS-170 Created Kubos CLI as primary Kubos SDK command tool
  • KUBOS-175 Migrated from Docker to Vagrant for the Kubos SDK distribution system
  • KUBOS-329 Added KubOS Linux support to Kubos SDK
  • KUBOS-361 Added ability to use branched versions of Kubos code to Kubos CLI
  • KUOBS-267 Added telemetry service libraries for both KubOS RT and KubOS Linux
  • KUBOS-213 Added telemetry aggregation service libraries
  • KUBOS-201 Added inter-subsystem communication libraries

v0.1.4 - Oct 14 2016

v0.1.3 - Sep 16 2016

  • KUBOS-132 Standardized status codes for I2C, SPI and UART HAL
  • KUBOS-131 Added basic unit testing for Kubos-HAL-MSP430F5529 and updated MSP430 documentation.
  • KUBOS-62 Added preliminary OSX analytics tracking

v0.1.1 - Sep 2 2016

  • Documentation updates
  • Added basic unit testing for Kubos-HAL, Kubos-HAL-STM32F4 and Kubos-SDK
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

v0.1.0 - Aug 19 2016

v0.0.5 - Aug 05 2016

v0.0.4 - Jul 01 2016

v0.0.3 - Jun 17 2016

  • Added support for NanoAvionics SatBus 3C0 OBC
  • Implemented link support in KubOS-SDK for local development modules
  • New KubOS-SDK projects are now based off our latest kubos-rt-example source
  • Upgrade Instructions
  • Tagged repo manifest

v0.0.2 - Jun 03 2016