Kubos SDK DocsΒΆ

The “Kubos SDK” is a term used to describe all of the components used to build Kubos projects:

  • Vagrant box - The VM that contains the “ready to run” Kubos development environment
  • Kubos source modules - The underlying libraries on which Kubos projects are built

left to right direction

actor User

node "Kubos SDK" as sdk{
    () "init" as init
    folder "kubos-proj" as proj {
        folder source {
        () "build" as build
    folder "Kubos Source" as k_source {

() "transfer" as flash

node "OBC - Kubos Linux" {
    cloud "kubos-proj" as application
    cloud "App1"
    cloud "App2"

User -> sdk : vagrant ssh
init -> proj
k_source -> build
build <- source
[binary] <- build
[binary] -> flash
flash -> application


This documentation section contains the various guides related to using the Kubos SDK: