Python Applications API

Mission Application API for Python Mission Applications.

class app_api.Services(service_config_filepath='/home/system/etc/config.toml')
query(service, query, timeout=10.0)

Send a GraphQL request to a service


  • service (str): The service that the request should be sent to. Must be defined in the system’s config.toml file
  • query (str): The GraphQL request
  • timeout (int): The amount of time that this function should wait for a response from the service
The JSON response from the service
EnvironmentError: An error was returned within the JSON response from the service KeyError: The service value was invalid TimeoutError: The function timed out while waiting for a response from teh service TypeError: The query value was invalid
app_api.logging_setup(app_name, level=10)

Set up the logger for the program All log messages will be sent to rsyslog using the User facility. Additionally, they will also be echoed to stdout


  • app_name (str): The application name which should be used for all log messages
  • level (logging.level): The minimum logging level which should be recorded. Default: logging.DEBUG
An initialized Logger object