Python Applications API

Mission Application API for Python Mission Applications.

class app_api.Services(service_config_filepath='/home/system/etc/config.toml')
query(service, query, timeout=10.0)

Send a GraphQL request to a service


  • service (str): The service that the request should be sent to. Must be defined in the system’s config.toml file
  • query (str): The GraphQL request
  • timeout (int): The amount of time that this function should wait for a response from the service
The JSON response from the service
EnvironmentError: An error was returned within the JSON response from the service KeyError: The service value was invalid TimeoutError: The function timed out while waiting for a response from teh service TypeError: The query value was invalid

Set up the logger for the program All log messages will be sent to rsyslog using the User facility. Additionally, they will also be echoed to stdout


  • app_name (str): The application name which should be used for all log messages
An initialized Logger object