Kubos HAL Documentation


The Kubos HAL functionality is currently only available on KubOS RT.


The KubOS Linux platform currently exposes HAL-like functionality through the Linux device files

The Kubos HAL module provides a hardware abstraction layer for the common hardware interfaces found on cubesats. The interfaces provided span across the different hardware platforms support by KubOS. Currently there is a HAL implemented for KubOS RT on the STM32F4 and MSP430F5529 platforms. Each platform-specific HAL implements the same set of functions provided by the top-level Kubos-HAL.

rectangle "Kubos HAL" as kubos
rectangle "STM32F4 HAL" as stm32f4
rectangle "MSP430F5520 HAL" as msp430
kubos <|-- stm32f4
kubos <|-- msp430